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We are the recycling company you need in Schaumburg. We can provide customized services and programs based on your business and manufacturing needs.

To learn more, please get a quote or call us

AMP Metal Recycling receives scrap metal at its’ conveniently located warehouse in Schaumburg.

We understand that your time is important and we pride ourselves on speedy and courteous individual service.  To best serve you, we ask that our customers please call us prior to arrival to help us succeed in these areas. Call or email today to reserve your time!


Pick-Up Service:

Being a smaller recycling company, AMP Metal Recycling is able to provide more flexible and customized services that larger recyclers in the area are unable to offer. We can customize recycling programs for your company based on your material weights and frequency. Give us a call or email us to discuss your needs!

Other Services:

Give us a call with any of your unique and special needs and we will work with you to come up with a plan.

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A list of some of the scrap metal we can assist in recycling:
Magnetic (Ferrous)
  • Prepared Iron (3'x18")
  • Unprepared Iron
  • #1 Cast Iron
  • #2 Cast Iron
  • Alternators
  • Clean Lead
  • Electric Motors & Transformers
  • Lead Wheel Weights
  • Sealed units (drained)
Non-Magnetic (Non-Ferrous)
  • #1 Copper
  • #2 Copper
  • Sheet Copper
  • Insulated Copper Wire #1 
  • Insulated Copper Wire #2
  • Household Wire 
  • Christmas Wire
  • Romex Wire
  • Yellow Brass (Clean)
  • Red Brass (Clean)
  • Dirty Brass​
  • Clean Stainless
  • Dirty Stainless
  • Clean Scrap Aluminum
  • Dirty Aluminum (Breakage)
  • ACSR Wire (Insulted Aluminum​)
  • Clean Alum/Copper Coils
  • Clean Alum/Copper Coils + ends
  • Clean Radiators (copper/brass)
  • Dirty Radiators (copper/brass)
  • Extruded Alum
  • Alum Turnings (no steel)
  • Alum Rims
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